Ross Intros Production Package

Ross Video has announced the release of a new all-in-one package that provides a complete integrated system for multi-definition video production. The Vision 2 Live Production Studio incorporates switching, server and graphics capabilities and occupies just 9-RU.

“Producers wanting to harness the power of today’s multi-definition production tools often struggle with the complexities introduced when various servers, switchers and graphics systems are combined”, states Nigel Spratling, switcher business development manager at Ross Video. “Interfaces across different platforms are not always intuitive or user friendly and there are lots of choices out there. By packaging and integrating a production ‘suite’ we have eliminated these concerns and created a powerful yet affordable system that is very easy to use.”

The Vision 2’s switcher accommodates 16 multi-definition inputs and provides 16 outputs. Four channels of 3D DVE are provided, as well as keying and border generation. The included SoftMetal video server has one input channel and two output channels for simultaneous recording and playback functionality. Graphics are provided by the XPression Studio AE SCE system that generates 3D motion, titles, and logos on multiple layers.