Rohde & Schwarz Roll Out Portable TV Test Receivers

MUNICH, GERMANY: The R&S EFL240 and R&S EFL340 are compact, portable TV test receivers for cable, satellite and terrestrial television. Installation personnel and service technicians, for example, can use them to check the signal quality of cable TV systems and in-building distribution systems. R&S says the ergonomic design makes the receivers easy to operate. The battery operating time is over four hours.

The new test receivers feature a wide variety of measurement functions for digital and analog TV standards and FM sound broadcasting. The R&S EFL340 supports DVB-T2. Both instruments measure all essential test parameters and display the constellation diagram and the modulation error ratio (MER) versus frequency. They have the ability to measure echoes even outside the guard interval for analyzing reception problems in multipath propagation and single-frequency networks. The two receivers can perform spectrum analysis in a frequency range up to 2,500 MHz.

Both are now available from Rohde & Schwarz.