RØDE Introduces a Major RØDECaster Pro II Firmware Upgrade

RØDE firmware interface
(Image credit: RØDE)

RØDE has announced a major new firmware update for its all-in-one audio production studio and interface RØDECaster Pro II that introduces advanced sub-mixing to all of the RØDECaster Pro II’s outputs and expands on the routing feature introduced in the last major update (1.0.7). 

The advanced sub-mixing feature is especially powerful for streamers who need to send different mixes to different audio destinations, such as stream and chat applications and their headphone mix, the company said and will also be useful for podcasters and other content creators. 

In the prior upgrade, with firmware version 1.0.7, users were able to customize each of the USB and Bluetooth outputs by selecting which channels would be heard on these outputs, RØDE explained. 

The new update takes this functionality to the next level, allowing users to independently adjust the level of each channel for all ten audio outputs (both digital and analog), including the headphone and monitor outputs, the Bluetooth channel, on-board recording mix, and the three USB outputs, the company said. 

From the main mixing screen, users can tap the settings cog in the top-right corner of the screen, navigate to ‘Outputs’ > ‘Routing’, and choose one of the ten outputs to configure. From here, users will notice that every output has a ‘Custom’ option at the top of the screen – tapping this will show users the new sub-mix screen for that output, RØDE said. 

The company also reported that in the sub-mix screen, users can independently set the levels of each channel by tapping the virtual fader of the channel you wish to change and turning the rotary encoder. 

RØDE noted that this feature is especially useful for streamers because it allows them to finetune the audio they hear in your headphones separately to the audio sent to their chat and stream. 

For podcasters, this means that hosts and guests can hear entirely different mixes to what’s being recorded on the RØDECaster Pro II itself or what’s being sent to the computer. This level of customization adds a new flexibility to the RØDECaster Pro II, expanding on its existing immense capabilities as an all-in-one audio production studio and interface.

In addition to the new advanced sub-mixing feature, firmware 1.1.1 introduces a number of system optimizations and workflow improvements, including the routing of voice effects, which are now applied to each individual channel in multitrack mode, allowing users to capture these effects while maintaining the post-production flexibility that multitrack recording offers.

The RØDECaster Pro II’s companion software RØDE Central has also been updated to mirror all of the configuration options now available on the RØDECaster Pro II itself, including setting up the advanced APHEX® audio processing, SMART pads and custom sub-mixes.

The firmware is available for download here.  

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