Riedel Acquires Mediornet, Works With Live Earth

German broadcast communication system manufacturer and supplier Riedel recently acquired Austrian multimedia specialist Mediornet, a company that developed a realtime routing network for the transmission of audio, video, control and data over fiber-optic cable.

"With Mediornet we have a new product, which ideally supplements our portfolio. The acquisition strengthens our development expertise in the field optical video and multi-media networks. We really look forward to leading the Mediornet products to success", said Thomas Riedel, managing director of Riedel Communications.

Riedel also recently supplied the Artist Digital Matrix intercom system and innovative Digital Partyline (DPL) system for the Live Earth concert series, which. Firehouse Productions supplied the international broadcast team with the DPL system driven by the Artist matrix intercom, and independent broadcast company Arena Television used a DPL system for the London show, held in Wembley National Stadium.

“We’re using Riedel equipment because it’s the best tool for the job,” said Firehouse Productions vice president Mark Ditmar. “Being able to get massive amounts of I/O where you need it—and not having to wire everywhere—is extremely important. You can run incredibly long distances without any loss of sound quality, and it sets up very, very fast. With the Riedel equipment, there are no hums or buzzes, because it’s on fiber optic cable.”

Firehouse used three Artist 64 systems, locating one frame at the broadcast trucks, one at the monitor console area and one at FOH.