Researcher: LCDs in strong pursuit of plasmas’ 60 percent market share

Research and Markets has released a new report, “Digital Signage Market: Global Perspective,” that gauges the potential of the digital signage industry and identifies the key aspects that drive industry growth.

New strides in technology along with declining prices of digital displays have been the major factors that have driven the growth of the digital signage market. The advent of large-scale dynamic signage networks powered by the converging technologies of computing and broadcasting allows retailers, government agencies, marketing and entertainment companies, and many other organizations, to cost-effectively narrowcast dynamic video, graphical and editorial content on hundreds, or even thousands, of digital signage displays located virtually anywhere.

Retail signage is the fastest growing niche segment in this market, and has become a critical tool for retail and brand marketing worldwide. Here, plasma displays generate the highest revenues for the digital signage industry, accounting for about 60 percent of the total retail sector revenue share in 2004, but LCDs are now emerging as an alternative. Moreover, the report says, the next 5 to 10 years will see street furniture advertising grow exponentially, and the advent of large-screen LCDs will open up the electronic signage marketplace to value-added resellers.

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