Research and Markets unveils OLED study

Research and Markets released a new study titled “Next-Generation OLED and Paper-Like Displays: A Technology and Market Roadmap.” This new report examines the market opportunities stemming from the latest generation of OLED and paper-like solutions in a variety of applications including advertising and shelf-edge displays, billboards, flat-screen televisions, desktop and notebook computers, book and newspaper readers, mobile phones, PDAs, MP3 players and disposable electronics. It covers a variety of critical new display technologies including small molecule OLEDs, polymer OLEDs, electrophoretics, cholesteric liquid crystal, electrochromics and toner-based displays.

The report provides detailed eight-year forecasts for these new display technologies, broken out by application, technology and substrate type, among other features. The report analyzes the market from all perspectives including materials suppliers, technology providers and consumer electronics firms.

The report is targeted toward materials suppliers, equipment manufacturers, components and module suppliers, display firms, companies producing mobile electronics products and anyone else interested in this emerging market opportunity.

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