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RCA, Wiley Publishing Promote HDTV 'For Dummies'

Thomson (TTE), the manufacturer of RCA-branded DTV products, announced that it has teamed with Wiley Publishing to put together a "Dummies" guide, demystifying the technical jargon surrounding DTV.

HDTV Buying Tips for Dummies will explain how to connect DTV equipment, how to receive programming, the various ATSC display formats and display options. "The 'For Dummies' brand has been a forerunner among reference book publishers in helping consumers understand complex technology. By combining the broad reach and popularity of [the] books with the technical knowledge of TTE, we are confident that we will become the source of digital television information for consumers," said TTE VP of product marketing Bharath Rajagopalan.

The Dummies Web site has added a section with books on HDTV at showed two books - HDTV For Dummies and Home Theater for Dummies.