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QVC Japan goes HD

Tokyo-based QVC Japan has chosen a Quantel Enterprise sQ integrated production system as the backbone of its move into HD broadcasting.

QVC’s system is one of the first to implement Panasonic’s recently released AVC-Intra format.

QVC VP of TV engineering John O’Neill led a team that researched available options. For QVC, “the quality of the imagery the viewer sees” is an important component of the shopping network’s continued success, he said. Another is the speed with which QVC can turn around new programming.

For QVC, the Quantel workflow proved to be efficient and capable of being integrated into its existing systems, he said. Adding AVC-Intra delivers the image quality and bit rate efficiency QVC sought.

QVC’s Enterprise sQ system supports a combination of Quantel’s desktop sQ View browse and sQ Cut desktop editing applications, as well as three craft editors. The system also uses Quantel’s Zoning technology for failsafe redundancy and is fully integrated with QVC’s data archive.

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