Quantel announces support for Panasonic P2 solid-state technology in editing, server systems

Quantel has announced it will offer interoperability between its generationQ editing and server systems and Panasonic's Professional Plug-in P2 solid state memory-based acquisition system.

The technology interoperability allows material acquired on Panasonic P2-equipped camcorders to be directly transferred into Quantel editing and server systems at much faster than real-time rates via a standard PCMCIA interface. Alternately, it will let material be played back from the P2 cards and edited directly with the Quantel user interface. The release of Quantel/P2 interoperability is expected to coincide with Panasonic's first deliveries of P2-equipped systems early in 2004.

"One of the major bottlenecks in digital news production has been the transfer of raw material from the acquisition device into the server environment,” said Quantel executive chairman, Richard Taylor. “Panasonic's P2 just makes it so much easier."

"We think this development will be welcomed by our mutual users as a big step forward in broadcast production workflow."

For more information, please visit: www.quantel.com.

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