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ProPrompter software turns the iPhone into a teleprompter

Bodelin Technologies has introduced software that allows Apple’s iPhone or iTouch devices to be used as professional teleprompters. The software is targeted to field reporters, corporate video, commercials, video podcasting and speeches.

Scripts are created as text-only files on any personal computer and then uploaded to the ProPrompter Producer Web site. The script can be downloaded wirelessly on the iPhone. An unlimited number of scripts can be stored at once on the Web site.

The software allows smooth scrolling in landscape or portrait mode and offers seven prompting speeds. The font size, screen background and other adjustments can be made on the display. The system, which works well in bright sunlight, offers cue point recognition to locate points in the script.

The software is a free download from the Apple Store. The $99 ProPrompter Wing attaches the Apple device and camera together on a mount. The ProPrompter ProMag magnifies the iPhone twice its size for readability up to 15ft away. No price was released for larger system.