ProBel gets Sirius with routers At NAB

Router manufacturer Probel is introducing its Sirius Fusion, which adds audio connectivity via ATM technology using the AES47 standard. Signals can be routed in real time between multiple routers using network-based tie-lines. The technology offers advantages in terms of the distance over which signals can be carried and the number of signals that can be carried over a signal connection.

Sirius Fusion is an extension of ProBel’s Sirius family of format-independent routers that support any combination of analog and digital signals for all audio and video formats. The platform supports SD and HD and allows expansion in blocks of eight, up to 256x256 I/O. The range of Sirius routers provides onboard A-D/D-A conversion for both audio and video, enabling the routing of analog NTSC signals to SDI outputs and vice versa, saving space, time and cost.

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