PostWorks Switches with For-A

PostWorks, New York recently selected For-A's Hanabi HVS-1000HS digital switcher for its digital intermediate (DI) theater.

The 2RU Hanabi switcher supports 1080i, 1080p and 720p and SD. PostWorks is using the switcher for the final optical processing of film. The SD/HD switchable, multibit, multiformat Hanabi includes an internal DVE card.

"With the advent of HD, there are now more formats than ever," said Billy Baldwin, president of PostWorks, New York, adding, "We create multiple deliverables from this one room."

A finished 2K master can be output to film or other formats in multiple resolutions, frame rates and aspect ratios.

SoHo-based PostWorks DI theater is also using a Spirit DataCine for high resolution film scanning, Quantel IQ renderer, Discreet Inferno and Flame visual effects systems and a DaVinci 2K color corrector.