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Point.360 Woodholly selects Snell & Wilcox switcher to drive its hybrid-editing bay

The Snell & Wilcox HD/SD 1012 switcher serves as the centerpiece of Point.360 Woodholly's hybrid editing bay.

Hollywood post-house Point.360 Woodholly is using the Snell & Wilcox SD/HD 1012 switcher as the centerpiece of its new hybrid editing bay.

Editors feed DDR sources directly into the switcher in fully uncompressed form and perform the cross fade in real time, with no degradation to the program.

As part of the company's HD business strategy, the hybrid bay combines the cost savings of the nonlinear approach with the quality of editing within a fully uncompressed, real-time, linear environment. This hybrid bay approach also supports the company's strategy to expand its editorial services into HD as the facility is upgraded.

The 1012 switcher operates in HD and SD, linear and/or nonlinear modes. An entire show can be assembled in the nonlinear environment, because it provides the ability to create effects such as repositions and zoom changes without rendering.

The switcher provides full bandwidth 1.5Gb/s serial HD or SD performance for up to 12 channels. Standard features include TimeTouch timeline control, a chroma key, color correctors, border generators, and up to two separate twin-channel DVEs that are assignable to six positions within the switcher.

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