PMG, American Tower Team Up to Hasten ATSC 3.0 SFN Deployments

(Image credit: PMG)

BOULDER, Colo.—Public Media Group (PMG) has formed an alliance with American Tower to accelerate deployment of turnkey Single Frequency Networks (SFNs) to support commercial and noncommercial broadcasters as they roll out ATSC 3.0 services. 

The companies will work together building out the SFNs. PMG will own, operate and manage the SFN infrastructure with the goal of enabling broadcasters to maximize NextGen TV revenue, deliver quality content and enhanced data services to consumers, PMG said.

The shared infrastructure SFN deployment model offers broadcasters economic benefits, including increased signal density and coverage and capacity improvements for their networks. Installation is more cost effective with shared infrastructure, and it can reduce ongoing operations and maintenance costs, PMG said.

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“PMG is committed to designing and operating infrastructure that maximizes opportunities for all broadcasters, and through our alliance with American Tower, we will be better positioned to rapidly deliver the promise of ATSC 3.0 and Single Frequency Networks to communities across the country,” said PMG CEO Joe Chinnici. 

PMG will evaluate all relevant towers when deploying an SFN for a DMA-based or statewide network. The alliance will afford PMG greater access to American Tower’s best positioned tower sites for improved coverage and speed to market in large, mid-size and rural networks.

“We look forward to working with PMG to utilize our 40,000-plus tower sites for potential SFN deployments nationwide,” said Steve Vondran, President of U.S. Tower, a division of American Tower Corporation.

“With our experience working on commercial SFN deployments and test trials, our knowledge complements PMG’s mission to fully manage and operate the underlying infrastructure, so broadcasters have confidence in enhancing their signal coverage and capacity improvements to better reach their audience.”

American Tower will work with PMG to provide site development services, including network RF design support, program management, zoning, permitting and complete RF installation and construction services. American Tower will also engage its national operations and maintenance organization and leverage its national Backup Power program to harden the network on American Tower sites.

More information is available on the PMG website (opens in new tab).

Phil Kurz

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