Pixel Power introduces LogoVision

At IBC2006, Pixel Power launched LogoVision, a switchable SD/HD logo generator that incorporates the display technology of its Clarity graphics generator.

Designed for automated operation, the compact unit inserts multiple clocks, multi-layer static and animated logos, text crawls and other graphics. LogoVision can be set up from a front-panel interface or via a Web browser. In use, it will be under the control of a station automation system, which can trigger the device by GPI or via serial or Ethernet protocols.

LogoVision has two video inputs with automatic bypass in the event of power failure. Content is stored in solid-state memory for security and minimum power requirements. Options include audio clip playback with group mixing, a 2-D DVE and interfaces for a temperature probe and the U.S. Emergency Alert System (EAS).

For more information, visit: www.pixelpower.com.