Pixel Power drives intensive, real-time graphics for ITV Play

Pixel Power is helping to provide what is thought to be one of live TV gaming's most intensive and dynamic graphics to gaming channel ITV Play.

The company has customized its semi-automated Clarity character generators with software from Clarity-specialist Mobyjoe to output real-time information on thousands of players for the gaming channel.

While viewers play the games, the system collates real-time data on their progress for display on-screen. This data and lower-third graphics, including animated logos, contact details, tickers, live chat, and graphics in center-screen for the games themselves, are under the control of a single operator using a custom-built control interface.

The new graphics system launched May 31 with the debut of ITV Play's Coronation Street quiz. Pixel Power's two high-end Clarity 500 character generators host the tailored software from Mobyjoe.

For more information, visit www.pixelpower.com.