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Pitch 5 Productions Virtual Video Village Powered by Dejero

Dejero Pitch 5 Production
(Image credit: Dejero)

WATERLOO, Ontario—Pitch 5 Productions' efforts to go remote to protect crew and clients during the pandemic has been supported by Dejero technology, including the company’s EnGo mobile transmitters and GateWay network aggregation for remote editing.

As part of COVID-safe protocols, Pitch 5 has opted to create a virtual video villages, which enable remote editing collaboration where clients could watch camera outputs from separate locations rather than a typical video village, where crowds often gather.

Using Dejero’s technology, Pitch 5 was able to connect the director, talent and creative teams in real time for the iHeartRadio’s series of “At Home Sessions” with musicians. This helped speed up the editing process as well, as footage was logged directly from the remove video village.

Pitch 5 Productions President Brian Gallagher praised EnGo for its ability to operate from its own cell signal for connectivity and stability on set, while the GateWay was critical in sending a signal directly to the editing team.

In addition to the EnGo and GateWay platforms, Dejero says that Pitch 5 utilized its Smart Blending Technology, helping to create reliable workflows by combining multiple network connections and manage fluctuating bandwidth, packet loss and latency issues.

“Dejero has helped keep not only our teams but our clients connected to the productions we’ve had all over the country,” said Pitch 5 Productions President Brian Gallagher. “The opportunities to work more effectively using this technology are limitless for us both now and in the future. All of our clients have been very happy with the entire process and we are too, as it has been spectacularly simplified.”

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