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Pictorvision captures unique footage for ‘Clash of the Titans’

Pictorvision’s new Eclipse helicopter camera mount system was recently used to capture unique aerial footage for Warner Brothers’ “Clash of the Titans” feature film to be released in 2010.

For the film, cinematographer Peter Menzies Jr. wanted to have the horizon level at all times when flying at a speed approaching 135mph through steep canyons in Tenerife, Spain, while being able to look straight down.

Pictorvision’s team worked with the production team to allow them to fly up to 70 knots through a narrow crevasse into a slate mine, while hanging the system from a 50ft cable and keeping the camera stable. The team designed a long line antitorque kit and then built a custom tail rudder on the set.

At the core of the Eclipse’s stability is patented XR Motion Management technology, enabling the most advanced steering, stability and pointing capabilities available on the market. The Eclipse will not topple, provides an absolute level horizon and also features faster startups and resets.

The shot with the Eclipse was successful and did what no other aerial rig can do, said its makers. The rig worked with ARRI 435 on “Clash of the Titans,” and will also work with Sony F35/F23, Genesis or Red One cameras with lenses as big as the Panavision 11:1.