Philly Critic Grades 3DTV Content

PHILADELPHIA: Jonathan Takiff strikes back at scoffers who say there’s nothing to see on 3DTV. Takiff is a tech reporter--for the Philadelphia Daily News--who scored a 50-inch Panasonic plasma 3DTV (that he glowingly reviewed last month). So Takiff is conducting research. There’s plenty of 3DTV content, he asserts, as long as one is talking about DirecTV. The satellite TV provide is the only multichannel service offering full-time 3D.

Takiff raved about most of it. “Science fair? Science great!” he wrote. “All the content on DirecTV's dedicated n3D channel is family-friendly. And much of it has an educational thrust.”

He excuses some bouncy shots panned by reviewers at CNET who were more nausea-sensitive to 3D than Takiff. Much of what’s on DirecTV’s nD3 is nature content. He gives in an A-.

The Peter Gabriel and Jane’s Addiction concerts he described as “barely moving affairs” meriting a C-. The Major League Baseball All-Star Game scored an A+; NASCAR’s Coke Zero 400 in 3D, a C- and the X-Games, a B+.

Takiff’s behind-the-shutter-glasses observations are at “Who says there’s nothing to watch in 3D?