PESA Releases Live Series Streaming System

HUNTSVILLE, ALA. – PESA has announced that its PESA Live Series, a system for private and webcast presentations, is now officially available. PLS is available as an app on Android and iOS tablets and delivers interactive, multi-camera streaming events to audiences with branding, messaging and analytics for content creators.

At a live venue, PLS is anchored by the PESA Xstream C58 streaming media appliance, which combines and synchronizes four video sources with up to eight audio sources. For webcasting, the multi-cam signal is connected to a content distribution network for relay to the audience. Private or intranet deployments use the PESA Xstream Hub turnkey server.

The PLS app streams content onto a quad screen display, allowing users to pick different video sources to watch; they can also interact via Twitter without leaving the presentation. Users can also access PLS through the cloud. Each event is given an ID, which can contain specific customizable content as part of the event package, such as logos, audience analytics and advertising.

PLS offers monthly service plans, but event plans are also available for single productions.