PESA Debuts New Switching Systems at IBC2004

PESA, a supplier of digital routing switchers, distribution amps and signal-conversion products, will exhibit new switching systems at IBC2004 in September.

The Melville, N.Y.-based company is launching XD, a routing switcher integrated with a PESA routing control system. XD's name comes from its ability to switch transparent connections between any of its input and output fibers without converting optical signals to electrical signals. PESA and Glimmerglass Networks developed this fiber-optic routing switcher technology jointly.

CAT PAWS RGBHV with Cat-5 cables are small-footprint video transmitter and receiver modules that allow distribution of high-resolution computer video signals over CAT-5/UTP twisted-pair cables.

Also featured at IBC2004 is the Cheetah V5 RGBHV-over-single-mode fiber cable. The Cheetah V5 is a family of video transmitter and receiver modules used to distribute high-resolution computer video signals. Established products that will also be exhibited include the PESA routing switchers and distribution amplifiers and conversion cards.