Pedestal Television Launches Leveling Head System for Polecam

LLANGYNIDR, WALES—Pedestal Television’s engineering brand Bosher introduces the its leveling system for Polecam.

The Bosher Levelling Head BH-02 is a bespoke tripod head leveling system built for Polecam owner operators, engineered by Les & Chris Bosher.

The friction adjustments enable the operator to fine-tune the rig’s movement precisely. The Polecam pan and tilt head is re-attached to the front of the rig by a bespoke quick release clamp and is levelled by a simple cable. This maintains a level horizon during even quick moves and enhances stability in windy conditions and also when using the Polecam head underwater via the FishFace system.

The Bosher Levelling Head system is retro compatible with all existing Polecam heads including the FishFace underwater system. It is now available directly from Pedestal Television.