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Panasonic unveils AG-HMC150 AVCHD camcorder

The new AG-HMC150 camcorder uses AVCHD, a long GOP compression standard based on MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 high profile encoding. AVCHD provides a near doubling of bandwidth efficiency and improved video performance over MPEG-2 compression.

The new camcorder captures full horizontal resolution 1920 x 1080 images at its PH, HA and HG recording modes. The camera can also be set to capture 1280 x 720 images at PH mode. At its 6Mb/s record mode, it captures 1440 x 1080 HD images for extended HD recording at its lowest bit rate. The HMC150 supports a range of HD formats, including 1080/24p, 1080/60i and 720/60p.

The camera uses native 16:9 progressive 1/3in 3-CCD imagers, enhanced by a digital signal processor with 14-bit A/D conversion and 19-bit processing.

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