Panasonic Lowers Price on 103-Inch 1080p

Some of you now in the market for a new HD set at home can rest a bit easier: Panasonic has just chopped $20,000 off its 103-inch plasma 1080p unit.

Now for a mere $50,000, this big baby is yours.

It's surely a sign of the times that even the wealthy are looking for bargains. Panasonic said when it first introduced the world to its huge screen model in late 2006, the display was only available in a made-to-order purchase. In the past 28 months, Panasonic said it has installed more than 6,000 of the 103-inch plasma units in homes, clubs and offices, as well as for digital signage displays.

Panasonic said even production of a few thousand of the ultra-large displays (model TH-103PF10UK) has enabled it to lower production costs per-unit and deploy other production efficiencies to enable a price cut.

The 103-inch plasma unit has made its way into various TV studios as a key component of the sets, including NBC's "Sunday Night Football," CBS's "The Early Show," TNT's NBA Playoffs studio, and for all you convention-goers—Sam's Town Gambling Hall in Las Vegas.