Panasonic licenses Pro:Idiom for hotel plasmas

Panasonic has licensed the Pro:Idiom Digital Rights Management (DRM) system and will offer its high-contrast plasma displays for hotels and resorts with the encryption technology by year’s-end.

Developed specifically for the lodging industry, Pro:Idiom protects satellite-delivered HD programming and video-on-demand content against piracy at every point in the distribution chain, including the television. Pro:Idiom addresses the needs of the hospitality market for a highly secure DRM system to expand the delivery of HDTV programming and other digital content to hotels.

Panasonic developed the plug-in card Pro:Idiom solution for its line of specially designed HD plasma displays for hotels. The card can also support Panasonic’s range of professional displays, including Panasonic’s new 50in and 65in native 1920 x 1080p full HD resolution professional displays, which feature flexible architecture and a thin form factor.

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