Panasonic Announces Pricing on Handheld 3D Camcorder

SECAUCUS, N.J.: Panasonic recently announced pricing and availability for its latest professional 3D camcorder, the HDC-Z10000, delivering in December at a suggested list price of $3500.

The Z1000 achieves the industry’s nearest close-up of approximately 17.7 inches (45cm) for a twin-lens 3D camcorder, while maintaining an equivalent 32mm wide angle of view. It records close-up images that would be conventionally difficult to capture in crisp detail.\

The Z10000 is Panasonic’s first integrated twin-lens 2D/3D camcorder that is fully compatible with the AVCHD 3D/Progressive standard. Based on the AVCHD format, this new standard has been upgraded to AVCHD 3D, which uses Multiview Video Coding to record and play 3D images via the Frame Sequential Method (each frame is full resolution). AVCHD 3D/Progressive is the latest format in the 3D domain and assures frame-by-frame results.

Its imaging system combines two large-diameter F1.5 lenses featuring a special Nano Surface Coating; two independent, high-sensitivity 3MOS sensors and a newly developed Crystal Engine Pro II for high-speed processing and noise reduction.