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PanAmSat extends its global hybrid network through fiber agreement with ST Teleport

PanAmSat Corporation announced the signing of a fiber interconnectivity agreement with ST Teleport, a full-service satellite communications solution provider based in Singapore. The recently signed agreement extends the reach of the PanAmSat global network from Singapore to California, increasing the company's ability to deliver its customers' programming via satellite and fiber to and from the Asia-Pacific and North American regions.

ST Teleport owns and operates a technical facility in Singapore with existing ties to PanAmSat's Pacific Ocean region and Indian Ocean region satellites, which are: PAS-2, PAS-4, PAS-7, PAS-8 and PAS-10. PanAmSat's customers are now able to use the fiber between Singapore and Los Angeles, with an additional link between Los Angeles and PanAmSat's Napa, California teleport.

The network extension from Singapore offers customers an alternative as well as a more direct route for the distribution of content to the 10,000 U.S. cable headends that receive programming via PanAmSat. And, with programming transported from PanAmSat's teleport in Napa to the ST Teleport in Singapore by transpacific fiber, broadcasters and cable operators in the U.S. will gain improved access to PanAmSat satellites in the Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean regions. This greater ease of access allows international broadcasters to more easily use PanAmSat's global network as a platform for the distribution of ethnic programming, including sports, news and entertainment.