Outside Broadcast NV installs Leader test gear in new HD OB trailer

Belgian mobile production facility provider Outside Broadcast NV has ordered six Leader LV7700 multistandard SDI rasterizing test instruments for installation in its new OB 14 HD vehicle.

Leader's LV7700 rasterizer enables waveform, vector, picture, audio and status/protocol screens to be selected individually or as four-in-one simultaneous displays. Source images can be captured and stored for subsequent superimposition over live measurements.

Once captured, source images can be transferred to a CompactFlash memory card as a bitmap for production applications, such as stage set and position matching as well as proof-of-performance logging.

The LV7700 can convert Y/Cb/Cr to Y/R/G/B or NTSC display as an aid in gamut monitoring and to assist in color correction. Y/R/G/B can be viewed as a waveform or bar-graph display.

For more information, visit www.elquip.com.