OTA Antenna Maker Kickstarts Content Finder

RALEIGH, N.C.—Mohu, creator of the “paper-thin” Leaf HDTV antenna, announced the launch of a Kickstarter campaign intended to help bring its new Mohu Channels Personal TV viewing device to market in June. Mohu Channels is a small handheld keyboard that enables the creation of a “personalized TV channel guide mash-up” of over-the-air content, and streaming apps and websites.

Mohu says this: One of the biggest hurdles consumers face in the morphing world of television content is finding a way to easily access the TV content they want, whether it's free OTA broadcast programming, content from Netflix or Hulu+, or their favorite web-only shows and websites. Today, consumers have to hop through a jumble of inputs, from cable and satellite TV boxes and OTT peripherals like Roku or Apple TV, to new devices like Chromecast. Mohu Channels changes all that by allowing consumers to access their favorite TV content with a single, unified and personalized channel line-up without ever switching sources.

Mohu Channels combines an HDTV antenna with an Internet-enabled Android device that allows users to receive local and network broadcasts like ABC, CBS and NBC, streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu+ and YouTube, as well as content from websites and web video channels. All content is organized through a customizable TV channel guide, which can be accessed with the Mohu Channels universal remote control. The remote includes a full QWERTY backlit keyboard and integrated air mouse. Channels can be added, deleted or moved.

As part of the Mohu Channels Kickstarter program, Mohu is allowing early backers to buy first at a discount.