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Oregon’s KGW-TV sounds good with Calrec Omega

KGW-TV, the NBC affiliate in Portland, OR, has installed a new Calrec Omega with Bluefin audio console and a Hydra Network as part of the station’s transition to HD production.

The digital audio board saves time during preproduction, as the crew can create and store setups for different shows and recall them instantly.

The Omega console provides a lot of power in a compact frame as its 160 channel processing paths are managed on a single DSP card. The Omega with Bluefin High Density Signal Processing (HDSP) has 8 x 5.1 surround, stereo, or mono audio groups, 20 auxiliary outputs (which can be 20 mono or 10 stereo), and 48 outputs for multitrack general purpose feeds. The console also has two main stereo or 5.1 surround program outputs with full EQ and compressor/limiter facilities.

The company’s Hydra Network eliminates the need for the crew to run mic cabling between the station’s multiple studios. At KGW, the Hydra Network connects the Omega console to two studios, one dedicated to news and one to special productions. The station will add a second Omega console in the future that will also be linked to the Hydra.

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