Orca and SeaChange team for VOD in cable and telecom

Orca Interactive, a member of the Emblaze Group, and SeaChange International, have announced an agreement for sales and marketing activities to target video-on-demand (VOD) opportunities in the global telecom market and with cable television operators outside North America.

The companies will jointly market the SeaChange VOD system integrated with Orca's middleware as a complete platform supporting an array of on-demand services.

The fault-resilient SeaChange VOD system supports MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 streams and advanced codecs, including H.264 and Microsoft Windows Media 9, for streaming on-demand movies and television programs over DSL, FTTH networks and HFC cable networks.

The SeaChange VOD System, integrated with Orca's RiGHTv telco-grade middleware-RiGHTv XVOD (eXtended Video-on-Demand) and RiGHTv XBIP (eXtended Broadcast over IP) middleware-delivers and manages enhanced entertainment services such as movies and other programming on-demand, live channels, electronic program guides, near VOD and PVR.

For more information, visit: www.schange.com.

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