Orad to showcase sports enhancement platform

Orad Hi-Tec Systems, a provider of real-time graphic solutions, will be unveiling its Motion Video Play (MVP) sports enhancement platform that provides a comprehensive video and graphic enhancement solution for any type of sports event. The system will be on display at NAB2008 (booth SU1920).

MVP is compatible with both HD and SD resolutions, can be used for live productions or highlight shows and supports up to 16 different cameras without modifications. Using a simple GUI, any object, including multiple players from different teams, the ball and the referees, can be tracked. The system is so flexible that broadcasters can use their own graphic elements or choose from elements available within the system.

The elements can include trajectories, highlights, arrows, players’ names, glow elements, stats and more. The graphic element follows the tracked object as the play progresses. The MVP operator can easily define and control when a certain graphic element will be displayed and then disappear.

By taking advantage of MVP's embedded chroma key, the chosen graphic elements can either be keyed over the field or drawn as foreground elements.

Orad’s MVP also provides a chronoscope feature that enables broadcasters to display selected objects during the replay of key events. The chronoscope generates a “video shadow” of the selected object, providing the viewer with the ability to clearly view the path of the selected object. For example, it can track the baseball during a baseball game and show the exact angle and path of the pitch.

For more information, visit www.orad.tv.