Orad PlayMaker Now Includes Real-Time Effects and 3D Transitions

NEW YORK—In addition to demonstrations of its latest MAM technology,Orad Hi-Tech Systemswill show new features for its new Playmaker sports replay server presenting at the upcoming 2014 IBC Show (booth: 7.B27). That’s in addition to a complete tool kit that targets different aspects of live sports events, including sports enhancement graphics, virtual advertising, slow motion replay servers and more.

The PlayMaker replay server provides up to 8 I/O channels of ingest in multiple video formats, with synchronized slow motion replay and editing tools. PlayMaker enhancements include a new studio mode, a dedicated workflow for highlight editing of multiple playlists from various incoming feeds, and FlexFX for real-time video effects and 3D graphic transitions for sports highlights.

The PlayMaker replay server provides up to 8 I/O channels of ingest in multiple video formats, with synchronized slow motion replay and simple editing tools. To enhance the sports broadcast, Orad offers its MVP for fast preparation of sports highlight clips. New features include Run by Run, where only the chosen player continues to move while the other players are frozen in place; iFly with tracked flying cameras allowing object tracking arrows and players’ highlights while the cameras move; and new graphic effects.

The company willalso showcase its live production integrated solution covering the entire spectrum of the digital workflow; from ingest to playout for both video and graphics, all managed by the iFind Media Asset Management solution.

Video ingest is scheduled by the iAcquire ingest scheduling module that controls the Orad VJ server. While content is ingested locally, it is also captured remotely by Orad’s Orbit storage solution. During ingest, metadata is added while the story is put together using Orad’s video editor. The iFind system sets workflow rules, moving content around based on the defined logic right up to the moment content goes to air.

On the graphics front, a new version of Orad’s Maestro enterprise graphics solution will be showcased. Maestro is fully integrated with the iFind MAM system, allowing the coherent approach for media management of video and graphics. The integration between Maestro and Orad’s mapping solution – WorldMapper – has been further extended, offering an integrated solution allowing the journalists to access the maps from the Orad NRCS plugin. In addition, the interface between Maestro and Orad’s social media hub has been extended to allow two-way communications between the first and the second screen.

Complementing Maestro and the rest of Orad’s graphics solutions is the new 4Designer authoring software. On display for the first time at IBC, 4Designer provides an even more comprehensive real time 3D graphics-authoring environment, enabling designers to create graphics for all broadcast situations. The new 4Designer brings significantly improved production tools for artists, enhanced animation controls, multiple working viewports, additional geometry import options, and real-time motion blur effects for graphics.