Orad MVP sports graphics system improves on-air look for SNY coverage of N.Y. Mets

Sports channel SNY — the official TV home of the New York Mets, Jets and BIG EAST Conference — is using an MVP graphics platform from Orad Hi-Tec Systems during live coverage of this season's New York Mets broadcasts. The Orad MVP sports enhancement system provides SNY with near real-time enhancement capabilities making it ideal for live television productions.

The latest version of the Orad MVP platform offers a new graphics asset library, which provides ready-made graphics as well as a quick retrieval of any stored graphics created by SNY's production team.

The SD- and HD-compatible MVP graphics platform offers complete flexibility, enabling SNY producers to devise and implement their own distinctive graphics at any time during the game and throughout the season, even during a live television broadcast. MVP relies on image tracking instead of costly and complex camera modifications, making it simple to both set up and to operate. Using a simple GUI, any object or play, such as a baseball or close play at home plate, can be tracked and enhanced, making it easy for Mets fans watching at home to see, understand and analyze crucial plays.