Omnimago uses Snell Archangel Ph.C

Snell has announced that Omnimago, a German film restorer, has added an Archangel Ph.C - HD real-time video restoration system to its array of state-of-the-art post-production tools. The Snell system will provide Omnimago with efficient real-time processing critical to the company's day-to-day business.

With the recent installation of a Scanity film scanner, Omnimago realized a much faster workflow that makes Snell's Archangel a natural fit. Like other Snell solutions in Omnimago’s facilities, the Archangel Ph.C - HD offers unique functionality that drives business forward while ensuring the high-quality results that set its work apart.

In its restoration and digitization of both public and private archives, Omnimago will use Archangel Ph.C - HD to address issues such as noise, instability, scratches, dust, flicker, grain, and other defects, performing the extensive restoration often required to preserve assets and bring them up to current expectations of visual quality. Because the Snell system performs processing in real time, Omnimago will achieve significant time savings that will be key to taking full advantage of the Scanity system's speed and to deliver restored content to clients more quickly and cost-effectively.