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Omneon Spectrum Supports Joint Master Control at Fargo Stations

Omneon Video Networks announced that the duopoly of KVLY TV 11 (NBC affiliate) and KXJB TV 4 (CBS affiliate) serving the Fargo and Valley City areas of North Dakota has deployed an Omneon Spectrum media server system for playout from a joint master control room. The Omneon server system, installed and launched with the merging of KXJB operations into the KVLY facility, provides centralized playout of both channels and handles all content ingest.

"Our goal was to implement a reliable core server system into an overall operations infrastructure that would be relatively immune to a single point of failure, and the Omneon server system enabled us to configure just that type of system," said Doug Jenson, assistant chief engineer at KVLY and KXJB, both of which are Wicks Television stations. "The ability to add channels and increase storage capacity also was appealing in that we can add another channel simply by adding another Omneon MediaPort module to the server system."

An exceptionally cost-effective and flexible media server designed for the professional television industry, the Omneon Spectrum media server provides a reliable and scalable infrastructure for broadcast playout and storage applications. The 10-channel Omneon Spectrum server system at KVLY/KXJB's Fargo facility operates in conjunction with Crispin automation for playout of both channels, as well as ingest of approximately 35 programs and promo feeds each day.

Omneon's server system is built on an open architecture that allows it to support a broad variety of third-party applications for control and transmission, media management, archiving, and collaborative production. The modular Omneon Spectrum server system also offers exceptional flexibility in scaling system components and capacity cost-effectively, so KVLY and KXJB will be able to expand the system in small or large increments as desired.