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Olympics: Vizio to Unveil New 120Hz Line on Opening Night

Vizio, the no-name brand that has quickly become a recognized leader in big-box stores, will use Friday night’s (Aug. 8) Opening Ceremonies in Beijing, live on NBC, to introduce its new media campaign showcasing its new line of HD units.

The Vizio brand is ubiquitous at such outlets as Costco, Sam’s Club, BJ’s and other warehouse-like discount chains, where its 1080p LCD HD monitors are seen side-by-side with Sony, Panasonic, Philips, LGE, and other long-established brands.

The premiere commercial spot set to air during the opening celebration from Olympic Stadium (called “Splash”) will feature an American swimmer performing a “rigorous dive with unprecedented clarity and detail,” according to a company statement. The spot will target Vizio’s 1080P/120Hz technology as part of its new XVT series. And in a statement that may raise some hackles with competitors, a Vizio exec said, “We, unlike our competitors, are going against the industry trend of over-charging consumers for high-performance technology.”

The firm’s XVT series units are scheduled to be on U.S. retailers’ shelves during the 17 days of Olympics coverage.