Ole Clausen Receives Lifetime Honoary IABM Membership

GLOUCESTERSHIRE, ENGLAND—No more yearly renewals for Ole Clausen, founder and CEO of Danmon Group and Dan Technologies, as IABM recently awarded him with lifetime Honorary IABM Membership at the 2016 International Business Conference and Awards.

Clausen established the Danmon Group in 1981, building it up through the Nordic regions during the 1980s. Over the years the group has established partnerships with Avid and Philips BTS and acquired companies like Soudnware/New Music A/S and NTP Technology A/S, ATG in the U.K., and Hiltron in Germany. Since 2012, the company has expanded with the establishments of Danmon Asia, Datos-Danmon Media Technology and Vantec Danmon Technology.

“Ole Clausen richly deserves this recognition for the many years of inspired and dedicated work he has put in to move our great industry forward,” said Peter White, IAMB CEO. “He has also been a long-time supporter of IABM and his input has consistently enriched the Association. I was delighted to be able to present him with Honorary Membership at this year’s International Business Conference.”