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OConnor introduces professional camera handgrips

OConnor has introduced its O-Grips Handgrips for cameras, which include smooth functioning, single-handle ball joints and the ability to support a maximum payload capacity of 44lbs.

Constructed with a solid titanium core for extreme durability and reliability, O-Grips professional camera handgrips are capable of fitting all three standard rod systems (15mm and 19mm Studio, and 15mm LWS) via the O-Grips bridge. They can be used with all common camera configurations.

Modular O-Grips are stackable for custom applications and can be configured to create double or even multijoint handles. Each grip is adjustable and capable of a half sphere of stepless articulation. In addition, by combining two grips, the range can be extended to a complete sphere.

Users can easily perform tool-free adjustment and locking of the O-Grips with one hand while operating most camera systems on their shoulder. A 3/8in stainless steel top screw and 3/8in bottom thread enable attachment at many points on a camera system and allow the addition of different accessories to the handgrips for maximum versatility and functionality. Attaching or removing a single module from the camera system is accomplished using a 5mm Allen wrench.

Product delivery is scheduled for late June.