OConnor fluid heads support ‘Modern Family’

Veteran cinematographer James Bagdonas ASC has chosen OConnor fluid heads to support production of the new season of “Modern Family” on ABC.

The heads’ stability and high performance allows the show’s operators to capture on-the-fly moments key to the mockumentary style of the production. The heads are used with Panavised Sony F35 cameras and either Primo or Optimo zooms.

The operators need to whip pan constantly and keep one hand on the zoom lens at all times for constant changes. The fluid head is the only way the moves are possible. With many of the new camera systems, the lenses often outweigh the camera. The OConnor heads will handle this with no problem.

The OConnor 2575 and 120EX are normally used with the show. The 2575 offers excellent balance through a wide range of motion, while the 120 EX works well on heavier zoom lenses.