Obituary: Ron Scalise (1953-2007)

Broadcast legend and audio innovator Ron Scalise, a 14-time Emmy award-winning audio mixer for ESPN, died Dec. 20, 2007, in a car accident. He was 54.

Scalise was an expert in surround sound and was among the industry leaders in enhancing the audio experience for viewers of ESPN events. He was a key part of the sound innovations in the X Games and worked on a variety of projects, including "Monday Night Football" and NASCAR. Scalise was a proponent of educating both consumers and audio professionals in how to bring the sound of sports into the nation's living rooms.

Arrangements have been made for a fund to benefit Ron's three children, aged 10 to 16.

Contributions can be made to:

Ron Scalise Memorial Fund
(c/o Kurt Heitmann)
200 Clearbrook Rd.
Elmsford, NY 10523

All checks should be made out to Ron Scalise Memorial Fund.

"His passion and commitment to his craft was unmatched by any in his industry," eulogized Chris Fichera of Blue Sky International, which makes monitoring solutions. "I remember at a trade show in Las Vegas going to an industry gathering with him and noticing his place in the broadcast community. After showing his invite (Yeah, I was his date), we never made it past the desk. He was immediately stopped by 'whoever' and the barrage of people approaching him never ended. My role at that point was to gather food and drink and return to the master. Surprisingly, I actually enjoyed it. Ron was always gracious and introduced me to everyone that stopped to talk to him. I especially enjoyed meeting those that, for years after, I endlessly tried to call and get to know. Because of Ron, they of course acted like they knew me, and yes, I was their best friend. Ron's selflessness was one of his many traits."

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