Oakland’s KTOP-TV captures HD in the studio with JVC

KTOP-TV, a government access station in Oakland, CA, is using JVC’s GY-HD250 ProHD cameras with studio adaptors in its studio and in the filed to capture community and local government events.

The station produces a variety of studio and remote productions with the GY-HD250 cameras. When producing programs in the field, KTOP performs a switch feed with the GY-HD250 cameras and records to SD, with plans to convert to HD in the future. KTOP’s remote setup includes two JVC decks (primary and backup) for the switched feed. The crews also load each camcorder with DVCAM tape, which is used by the in-house director for cut-aways during multicamera shoots.

In addition to broadcasting original programming with the GY-HD250s, KTOP also provides coverage of city council, council committee and other city agency meetings.

For more information, visit www.jvc.com/pro.