NY/NJ Sister TV Stations Opt for PlayBox Neo

(Image credit: PlayBox Neo)

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.—PlayBox Neo was the multichannel playout system of choice for PMCM-TV stations WNWT in New Jersey and WJLP in New York City when it was time to upgrade their playout and channel branding capabilities, PlayBox shared.

WJLP and WNWT share transmitter facilities in midtown Manhattan. WNWT is currently online with PlayBox Neo, WJLP is set to be after its site at Freedom Tower comes online later this year.

The setup at WNWT features PlayBox Neo AirBox Channel-in-a-Box servers in content ingest, master playout and backup configurations. Each is configured with AirBox Neo-19 playout software. The AirBox Neo servers are being used with TitleBox Neo character generators for fully interactive 4K UHD/HD/SD channel branding at each station. This gives each station the capacity for file-based video playback, live pass through streaming and graphic overlays, PlayBox says.

According to Jim McGowan, TV/IT engineer at PMCM-TV, the PlayBox Neo server allows for flexibility to run multiple type of signal formats, mix codecs, schedule content for automated playout and switch between programmed and live broadcasts.

Part of the stations’ choice of PlayBox Neo was its compatibility with Dual Tone Modulated Frequency triggers and the stations’ existing traffic and billing platform.

For more information, visit www.playboxneo.com (opens in new tab).