NUGEN Audio to Spotlight Paragon Convolution Reverb At 2022 NAB Show

(Image credit: NUGEN Audio)


LEEDS, U.K.—NUGEN Audio will feature its Paragon compatible convolution reverb at the 2022 NAB Show (opens in new tab), April 23-27, in Las Vegas. 

Broadcasters can achieve a new level of tweaking with no time-stretching, thus no artifacts, leveraging Paragon’s full control over decay, room size and brightness made possible by state-of-the-art re-synthesis modeled on 3D recording spaces, the company said.

Paragon relies on technology developed alongside the University of York’s Dr. Jez Wells. It features spectral analysis and precise EQ of Impulse Response (IR), which is analyzed, decomposed and re-synthesized to create new authentic spaces. This ensures a small digital footprint for the IR library and makes it possible to configure nearly limitless combinations of spaces with just a few adjustments to the settings, the company said. 

The new reverb also features individually configurable crosstalk per channel; unique technology for re-synthesis of authentic IRs, HPF and LPF per channel; and switchable LFE, it said.

Paragon, which can produce reverb in mono and stereo, operates in up to 7.1.2 channels of audio, making it well-suited to broadcast applications. Setting the reverb apart from conventional reverbs is the fact it does not use static IRs, which makes it possible to transform the sound space transparently, it said.

The unit is well-suited to recreating authentic sounds of real spaces and manipulating IRs while still maintaining true convolution characteristics.

NUGEN has added new presets and an improved browser, with search, tagging and favorite functions. These added elements are especially important to people working on movies and TV shows with exterior scenes, which are found in nearly every production. Additionally, the new preset browser makes it easier for users to organize their presets, which further expedites the creative process, the company said.

The company also recently released Paragon ST, a mono/stereo-only version of the software. It offers a series of other updates to Paragon surround, including new stereo width controls, which provide instant stereo enhancement with the assurance of superb mono compatibility and no unwanted artifacts, the company said.

Other improvements include a new mic distance control that adjusts the level of reverb reflections and a new modulation function.

See NUGEN Audio at NAB Show booth N5008.

More information is available on the company’s website (opens in new tab).

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