Nucomm helps ABC cover presidential election without wires

On Election Day, ABC covered all of the activities with an array of Nucomm microwave gear supplied by 3G Wireless, a microwave transmitter and receiver provider.

The network used four of Nucomm’s 7GHz CamPac 2 wireless camera transmitters, one 2GHZ CamPac 2 and five Newscaster DR diversity receivers to cover the events of the day. The broadcast was televised live from ABC’s New York-based “World News” and “Good Morning America” studios. A crew also used the Nucomm systems for live man on the street interviews from Times Square.

With ABC broadcasting from within the highly congested New York City, the 7GHz CamPac 2 allows for the flexibility of using multiple frequencies in an extremely harsh RF environment. And the Newscaster DR receiver enabled ABC to cover a large area inside and out, using limited antenna infrastructure. The filtration technology employed in the receivers allowed the five cameras to work alongside one another without stepping over each other.

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