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Nucomm displays Newscaster DR receiver for UHF spectrum

Nucomm introduced the Newscaster DR 2 diversity receiver, an updated model that offers new features including a split box design philosophy and the ability to receive UHF digital signals in the 150MHz to 850MHz band.

Because the DR2 is designed to receive lower frequency UHF digital signals, the unit works seamlessly with external block downconverters. The DR2 can be supplied with block downconverters that can receive a wide range of frequencies from 1.99GHz to 7.1GHz, depending on customer requirements and to downconvert the transmission to a usable range.

The DR 2 can receive up to four RF inputs from the external block downconverters. This allows for the use of four high gain sector antennas that deliver seamless video reception of a mobile or camera-mounted transmitter.

The unit comes with an integrated COFDM demodulator, an MPEG-2 HD/SD decoder, internal power supply, an integrated spectrum analyzer and on-screen display.

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