NTT Electronics HD MPEG-2 encoder, decoder fit for ENG

NTT Electronics (NEL) announced it recently submitted high-definition MPEG-2 encoder/decoder products for testing by CBS for use in ENG HD applications.

In the testing, CBS measured the microwave signals containing HD data from an ENG van parked up to 35mi away from its receive site atop the Empire State Building. CBS experienced 100 percent success at HD data rate ranging from 18Mb/s to 28Mb/s.

The tests, carried out in these most difficult of topographical and environmental conditions, demonstrated the feasibility of newsgathering by ENG van where previously only satellite newsgathering (SNG) was possible.

The ENG van used in the testing was equipped with an NTT Electronics HE3000 MPEG-2 HDTV encoder, performing MPEG-2 data compression from HD-SDI to DVB-ASI. On the receiving end, the HD3000 MPEG-2 HDTV decoder was used to decode the received signals to HD-ASI for passing on to the video monitor. The data transfer along the signal route made use of Microwave Radio Communications technology.

The HE3000 and HD3000 support a variety of image formats, from 1080i to 720p and 480i and can encode up to two audio systems for a total of 8 channels. Operations are readily accessible from the front panel, and the system boots up quickly.

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