Norkring selects Rohde & Schwarz Norway for DVB-T, DAB project

Rohde & Schwarz Norway has signed a contract with Norkring to supply transmitters and monitoring systems for a nationwide DVB-T network based on three multiplexes by the end of 2009.

Norkring has designated Rohde & Schwarz as the sole supplier for this project. The contract also includes a framework agreement for transmitters for the planned expansion of the DAB network. The Norway DVB-T project will initially be based on three multiplexes and include about 1400 transmitters, transposers and gap fillers to be installed at more than 400 locations.

Installation of the DAB transmitter network is already in progress. Based on a national and a regional network configuration, the goal is to cover 80 percent of Norway by the middle of next year.

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