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NMT adds 10 Chyron Duet Lex Systems to its mobile production mix

National Mobile Television (NMT) recently purchased 10 Chyron Duet LEX Systems configured with the C-Mix option.

With the purchase, NMT will satisfy two goals. First, the company will significantly enhance its graphics creation and animation capabilities. Secondly, it allows NMT to maintain compatibility with two of its biggest customers, FOX Sports and ESPN.

As NMT saw major broadcasters begin to make the transition to digital, they also turned to Chyron’s Duet LEX System with the company's new C-Mix HD graphics mixer.

Unique features of the Duet LEX system include an industry standard Windows 2000 operating system, graphic creation tools, Lyric 2-D/3-D CG/animation with 500 true type fonts, and the standard CAL API for automated data-driven applications, such as Chyron’s NewsCrawl option.

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