Nielsen launches new mobile, Internet measurement services

The Nielsen Company officially launched Oct. 15 its two new mobile and Internet measurement services, Nielsen Online and Nielsen Mobile.

Nielsen Mobile combines recently acquired Telephia, a provider of syndicated consumer research to the telecom and mobile media markets, with several existing Nielsen initiatives in the mobile market. Nielsen Mobile will use its measurement tools and large-scale, integrated consumer panels to understand and interpret the behaviors, attitudes and experiences of mobile consumers. It will cover all types of mobile user experiences, including that of mobile video viewing.

Nielsen Mobile will include insight into what mobile consumers think about brands, devices and services through technology that measures awareness, purchase intent, satisfaction, recommendations and loyalty; information about what mobile consumers actually do with their mobile devices by measuring market share, consumer spending, revenue share and other consumer behaviors; and intelligence into how consumers experience services, networks and devices through proprietary technology that measures network, service and application quality.

According to Nielsen, the mobile sector generates $350 billion, especially as consumers continue to expand the way they use mobile phones. Among the 237 million wireless subscribers in the United States, 70 percent use their phones to text message, more than 32 million accessed the Internet on their phones last month and 41 percent use their phones to send picture messages, according to the company.

Nielsen Onlinecomprises the company's Nielsen//NetRatings and BuzzMetrics services, which provide independent measurement and analysis of online audiences, advertising, video, blogs and consumer-generated media, commerce and behavior.

Nielsen Online will offer measurement capabilities enabling clients to make informed business decisions about their digital strategies, including Internet media and market research products; panel-based and site-centric Internet audience measurement services; in-depth demographic data, online advertising intelligence and user lifestyle information; e-commerce, search and transaction metrics, custom data, research and analysis, tracking and measurement of consumer-generated media consumer trends, issues, opinion shifts, predictions and “other marketplace-shaping forces.”

Nielsen claims that there are more than 1 billion Internet users worldwide, driving a $30 billion global advertising market with 73 percent of U.S. adults participating in online consumer-generated media.

Nielsen Wireless, a recently announced initiative to measure wireless media, will be folded into Nielsen Mobile. Nielsen RingScan, which measures downloaded ringtones, will remain part of the Nielsen Entertainment organization.

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